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An Unbreakable Bacteria Barrier

Kill germs. Stay safe. Breathe free.

Businesses and households agree on one thing: Keeping bacteria out. With an ongoing pandemic still in our midst, we’re all aware of the anarchy microscopic bugs cause. You need a quick fix solution to keep bacteria off your surfaces, out of your space, and out of your life.   Here’s our lightbulb moment: Introducing Bacteria-Shield. A top of the range multipurpose cleaner and disinfectant, Bacteria-Shield is as powerful as a stick of dynamite. Our dynamic anti-bacterial spray will yank each surface-clinging bacterium off in an instant. Bacteria-Shield ensures that germs are evicted from every corner, nook, and cranny of your home or business – protecting you, your family, customers, and employees.  

State-of-the-Art Spray Technology

Cloths, towels, and old rags are so last century. Fabric can’t reach every inch of your home or business, and they are breeding grounds for bacteria. You need a cleaner that can blast into tight spaces and pulverize pesky bacteria and their buddies. Don’t fret, Bacteria-Shield is here to help.   Innovation is the name of the game. Our anti-bacterial surface spray comes equipped with world-class spray technology. Simply point the bottle at your target, pull the trigger, and watch the spray soak your surfaces. Tried, tested, and tinkered – the Bacteria-Shield multipurpose cleaner spray incinerates 99.9% of germs in an instant. Trust us, we counted them.

Supreme Instant Protection Shield

What is the one place germs most love to gather? Surfaces. Kitchen counters, dining tables, and bathroom tops are where germs get together and formulate their plans for global domination. Like any sanitary superhero, you want villains out of your home or business, and away from those you care about. We know a multi-surface cleaner spray that might do the trick…   You don't know multi-surface cleaning products quite like this. A glass-proof shield guard, Bacteria-Shield acts as an impenetrable forcefield around your surfaces. Simply spray the surface and watch as a barrier is formed between your tops and invading germs. Repel bacteria with a spray, swipe, and dry.  

This is a key to kick germs out the door. Bacteria-Shield is an anti-bacterial surface cleaner that delivers on its promise.

Do you want to keep your family, team, and customers shielded against germs and microbes you can’t see?

Get your hands on a bottle of Bacteria-Shield today and defeat microbes once and for all.   Do you have questions about our product? Would you like to get your own bottle as soon as possible? Reach us by clicking the link below and completing our contact form. One of our representatives will call you soon.

We can’t wait to help eliminate microscopic monsters from your life – for good!

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